Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Christmassy Thoughts On Love

What is it with Christmas that is always so romantic and lovely? Despite the global financial crisis, everyone seemed to be all caught up in the Christmas fever – shopping, gift wrapping, decorating and Christmas-thinking in general. How does Christmas manage to turn all our thought towards love? And why is it that we remember love and all our loved ones exactly then – on Christmas?
I believe that everyone is in search for the answer of their lives. Somehow, most of us are looking forward to finding LOVE as the answer and somehow, around Christmas, the eagerness to find this answer becomes overwhelming. But what is love? How can we find it and how do we recognize it?
Love is not a thing we can see or spot when it passes us by. Love is more abstract and that is why it is much more beautiful than anything we are able to see or touch.
Love is the little sparkle that lights the fire in our hearts.
The goose bumps on your whole body when you hear/feel/think/dream/remember of something or somebody is still love.
Love is also the warmth we feel pouring into our hearts by just a glimpse at those loved ones’ eyes.
Love happens in many different kinds of ways but the one common thing is that when we love, the subjects of our feelings have so much power over us – they can make us the happiest people in the universe but with the same success can make us feel miserable.
Friends or more than friends – it doesn’t really matter; altogether they are the most important people in our lives. It’s those ones that keep on sticking around while we are acting clowns; those who keep us from breaking into million pieces. They are bigger…bigger than life itself because they are our life!
If those ones are our so-called LIFE support, then why do we constantly abandon them only to return on Christmas to pay our dues? During the year daily life struggles keep our minds focused on less important for our overall happiness thingies. Such thingies, we would realize one day, are simply tiny tests of our devotion to LOVE, RESPECT and JOY – the mix which is the scientifically proven key to happiness. Might sound a little hippy but .. YES, they knew (hippies I meant)! Moreover, what more do you need for Christmas than this magical trio – I hope you answered ‘noothin’ to yourself. If you did – I LIKE YOU.

MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR! And don’t forget to love, no matter what.

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