Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HR - the story of a profession I DISlike

It’s full of ridiculous jobs out there, don't you think. The one that really thrills me - in the negative sense though - is HRs – be it HR Specialists or HR assistants or HR Managers.. What a senseless job is that!? Don’t get me wrong – I know there has to be SOMEONE to actually filter and select among people. But what is It exactly that they do and how awfully boring is it?? I mean, I just don’t get them.

What's with having to listen to people's trying-to-impress-you declarations of all sorts all day every day? How boring. And how useless (for urself a an HR I mean). How do you develop in this field? What do you expand on the 'knowledge' of asking questions and scribing down notes and then ANYWAY selecting randomly? I am very sorry but I really don't see the thrill, the great experience and the amazing career that is envisaged in all this, the HR career.

What's more, an HR's carma is probably not to be envied since they get cursed by so many, like, ALL THE TIME. Negative energy directed towards you is no joke especially when released by such a great amount of angry fellows. At the end, such a small fraction of people's lives will be positively changed by an HR during his/her lifetime career as such because you simply can't hire everyone. Rather the contrary, an HR is mainly busy with playing with ordinary people's hopes and dreams and then blowing them off.

Im writing this coz I've been advised to exploit the fact that the majority of job vacancies (donnow how but it's true!) are for HRs to at least enter in a company. Then I am supposed to somehow figure out a way to switch departments and find the right spot for me, once in.

I, as a numbers-oriented and brain-based activities person look at this proposal with such a disregard and even contempt that it almost looks like I'd rather consider a secretary job more seriously. I can't do it; I am not done for that, I don't even think I will be able to do it efficiently enough. Fuck, I'm being picky, am I not? Some say I'm too proud and will never find a job like that. Well, maybe they're right. Maybe they are NOT. Fifty-fiftyy. But if I turn out right, I will be happy that I didn't have to compromise myself, my beliefs and opinions. I am so stubborn, I know.

I know we need you to choose the best from the best. Let's hope you really intend and attempt to do that.

Sorry brilliant HR people (that I am sure some of you are); I just needed to release my anger on something/someone.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I saw this movie the other night (yup, here I go again with my movies but I do like watching movies) that had me thinking of what a person really wants to do and how much it differs from what he/she really does (in almost 90% of the cases.. my own estimation) in life. How many people do actually become what they once dreamt of when they were little kiddoes? I am even re-considering that 10% figure now.. Why do people work and do things that they do not like or hardly ever have actually dreamt of doing?

After all the crap I’ve been through/seen in my life, I learnt that only looking up to your dreams can take you out of the crap and make you move on.

Dreams have to be big. The reason for this is simple – the bigger the dream, the longer the road leading to it, hence, the farther from the crap we have got to go. And exactly this is the point of it – to bring us as far as possible from the ‘dark past’ and bring us ‘pink future’. Or at least any of its nuances. Is it possible though that our dreams are too big? What happens then?

They say that if you want something too much, then eventually you will have it. However, what has also become well-known is that usually people tend to obtain relatively easy the things they want relatively little and that we have to struggle almost infinitely in order to get what we really want. However, these two statements are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary. If you do want something that much, you will sacrifice some time and effort and go about it.

BUT still ..

What happens if I turn down too many of the relatively easy ‘opportunities’ in the hunt for THE ONE I want more than anything?

How long should we keep on looking and passing whatever’s in front of us just because of the belief we are destined for something else? What if we are just delusional.. What if we never really get to the point where we reach the OFFER of our life, the one that we always dreamt of? Am I going to regret throwing imperfect offers out the window? Am I going to be constantly chased by ghosts of past little mistakes?

I guess we all ask those same questions if we haven’t obtained that job that makes us the happiest people in the universe. At 23 (can’t believe I’m even saying this, I’m feeling so nineteen! ) I too got to the point (of no return) where I’m simply thinking and asking and talking to myself and all those processes directed to one particular thing in my mind – the JOB, the thing/activity I want to do. Because, you see, I do not want to work just for the sake of it – which I have to since I am completely income-less , I want to do something I LOVE. Might sound way too poetical but I believe that all the best things are done with love. Take babies for example! Ok, I drop the babies topic immediately, it was just an innocent exampleJ

So, what I’m saying is that we should not give up. Of course food is more important than love, but at the end love is the food for the soul.. and when this dies.. (sigh) We all know the end of this story.

I thought I had actually found the job I was destined for and the one I will probably spend a lifetime in - I was in fact envisioning myself at 40 yrs as a super HEAD of some department.

Building trajectories too early didn’t seem to work out good for me though. Boom-Bam .. and I got a negative call. Gosh, it was painful to see my trajectory fall apart and become just invisible dust. At the end, I guess this just wasn’t my destiny and that’s it. I have to think that or I am risking to completely fall apart; or becoming a secretary mastering the art of preparing espresso on a daily basis.

We have to safeguard our confidence no matter how small and miserable the circumstances make us feel. I will keep on looking up to my dreams and believe my vocation will soon unveil itself in front of my eyes.

And I am so eager to meet.