Saturday, January 5, 2013

My 2012 accomplishments

Wow, another year gone like in a day.

Do we not feel time passing by due to an abundance of emotions and happenings or simply because we are living life in the fast lane not paying attention?
I know I did take time to give in to the moments.

This has been a marvelous year full of so much to share that it seems words are not enough but still let me try to summarize:
And so I moved to a new flat and started living on my own again; I successfully endured the distance from here to India and welcomed back my boy; I went through winter with lots of warm feelings; I traveled to 5 countries in less than 8 months; I had the honor to be my best friend's maid of honor  I had my first very important speech and messed it up by crying like a baby; I actually went out of the house on numerous occasions wearing my hair up; I had my first and numerous second encounters with the essence of a spa experience; I had a real French croissant in France and it was .... oooh my God; I bought many more dresses than any year before; I got back in touch with drawing; I spent a lot of time on and with friends; I designed my first collection; I made new friends; I saw many pink/orange sunsets; I saw a koala and a whole panda family from very close and they were extremely cute; I read two books and bought two more; I met a lot of amazing and fun German people in Germany; I worked hard on turning daily work routine into jokes and fun land; I had the honour to stumble upon 7 lucky scorpions in my flat; I drank a real Italian cappuccino in Italy; I had my 7th year anniversary since arriving in Malta; I broke some records at work and got rewarded for it; I officially became an adult; I took care of a little turtle; I cried and laughed way much more than any year before; I started listening to a lot of Jazz; I put my finger print on too many things in Versailles; I had Spanish paella in the heart of Spain -  Madrid; I bought a smartphone; I almost had my new phone stolen while on Armin van Buuren's concert; I realized life has much more to offer than people say; I attended 3 weddings and loved it; I realized with pleasure that I still got the vibe; I realized with disappointment that age does matter when it comes to going to bed late and waking up like a mashed potato; I wore pink glasses and do not want to ever put them down; I tried to help many people in many ways; I started learning German; I gave a lot and I got a lot; I danced traditional Bulgarian dances on New Years Eve in Malta.

Wow, what an year! To an even greater and full of all the fun stuff this life has to offer 2013! Cheers :-)