Friday, December 21, 2012

If I ain't got something, I got it with you

It is 11:11 pm on the 20/12/12. Tomorrow is the so awaited and spoken about 21/12/2012.
I am a Maya, I should know what the Maya people predicted. They did not predict the end of the world, everybody listen up, they made their calendar revolve around an exact cycle which ends tomorrow. What happens next depends on you and me and us. We are in this together.

The world will not end, at least not tomorrow.. But I do hope certain things in this world do end, tomorrow.
I'd like to look at it as a mindset transformation deadline. I hope you have your mind set and you have narrowed your choice down on what person you wish to be should the world NOT END. I wish to see more people take 22/12/12 as a second chance to be a better human and care for more than paper with Phoenician signs on it. I want people to realize right now in this hour what is it that they have done with their lives and whether they would have lived it differently. And then I want to see them live it differently from tomorrow after. I know that I gave my all and did my best whenever I could and realized that I could make a difference.

I lived, I loved, I was here. As long as I am with you, nothing else matters. I have my peace. Peace y'all.