Monday, October 7, 2013

To Bee Back Home

So here I am everyone, back to homeland for the past 6 months. It is unbelievable how time flies when it is nice.

Home is a very abstract term for me as I tend to consider myself a cosmopolitan and like to make home wherever I am, but I have to admit to something my dad used to tell me every time I was about to take off to somewhere - only home can give you the peace and re-charge you wish to have. Yes, I can now also stand behind this statement. Home is not a technologically-advanced urban metropolis with flying high speed trains and hurrying up businessmen dressed in black. And this is exactly why I love being here right now. It is true that life looks much more relaxed and slow for me in particular as I am actually unemployed and simply taking time for my family and myself. But hey, people get to see their parents and high school friends much more often than I do. I had to actually take time off the world I built in for myself to do that. One thing I am happy I learnt to is trust my gut regardless of how crazy it might seem.

Enough of the serious thought-producing stuff. Let's see what is the fun and cool part about being home :)

The cat 

We have a cat! Yes, yes, a real living animal toy, oops, I did not mean to say toy :-D This creature is so much fun and surprisingly clever, extremely curious and super fun. You can forget about ever eating anything peacefully. This little thing has a natural sense for someone preparing to munch any kind of food, it knows, jumps, rolls and appears out of nowhere exactly in front of your mouth. She wanted to steal my kiwi just now.

The old funny little things
Entering my old room at home after long periods of time always feels like some sort of treasure hunt and time for great discoveries. Because of the past! I am one of those people who like to keep even candy wrappers if they remind them of something. I'm really terrible in this. All of my Eminem, Leo Di Caprio, Backstreet Boys and so on posters are still here, in my room! 

Getting the child-treatment
At 26 one would think that we no longer fall under the children category. Well, I was wrong. According to my mom I am still that kid, the one she has to ask where she's going, why she's wearing what she is wearing and what time she is coming back. Oh boy, was that difficult to get used to?! I admit it, it tended to annoy me at the beginning but then I realized that whatever we do we will never stop being the 'children' in our parents' eyes. I sat down and explained to mommy how I can handle my self as I have learnt to do so in the past 7 years so there is no need for the constant investigation and worrying. Imma grown up now, at least most of the time.

Everything is new

I sure look funny turning head to every direction exploring what is new and what is still there where I remember it to be; asking people about a club, whose name changed 10 times since then; going to a shop I used to know just to find a pub there.. yeah, stuff like that! Consider the pros though: I am always curios, I want to try and experience the simplest (and probably dullest for the others) things and I tend to be thankful and happy for my every encounter be it with a bird or a dog on the street. Why all this bizarre behavior you would ask? Very simple, my friends - I have forgotten it all so it is all like new to me, and I love it! All of it. Even the rain (which is not such a frequent happening, phew).