Saturday, September 29, 2012

Six Degrees of Separation

Funny how different brains can be.
What spinns around my head recently is exactly how far male and female brains are?

We are so similar, we are all human beings, we all have faces, feelings, past and present, wishes.

 If we are only six degrees of separation - allowing myself to use the geographical measurement metaphorically - how can our train of thought produce such different outcomes and lead to plenty of unwanted, unnecessary and so easy to avoid confusion and frustration?

How much is six degrees in human thought´s terms? Apparently too much. Men and women just don't get each other, full stop. Whether we are coming from two different planet (Mars and Venus) is a rather rhetorical question, we look too much alike to be that different. So what is it then? Why can´t we possibly go down to each others level and grasp what is causing disruption so we can smooth it out?

Expectation and again expectations! They ruin everything, I tell ya. Nothing is ever the way we imagined it to be beforehand, so why do we keep making this annoying mistake and expect things/actions/behaviors from others? We do not rule the world and how it goes around. Here it is!

It really annoys me when things go great between two and then on the sign of the first small issue, everything goest tumbling down with a bang. What is the deal? Are we that stupid, isn´t all the hard work worth a bit of patience and tolerance?
Men think they rule the world; then women from their side think they rule it too. This isn't possible because if we talk about ruling only ONE is the ruler on top of all (if i get the concept correct). But wait, wait, why is it always about ruling? Can't we live in harmony together, guys and girls, without this constant (whether conscious or not) attempt to push each other off the 'throne'? What is the throne? What happens there on top, why do we seek this?

Let us stop this, please. We can do it, yes, we have to really try and it will definitely not be easy but it is worth the pain in the back. I am sure. Now come and let us split the throne.