Monday, June 10, 2013

The Future of Mankind

Wondering what this is? I called it the Future of Mankind and it is my latest - just fresh out of the oven - artwork! Aaahh, I really do love to take time and just create anything as it comes to my mind. Well, this time it was with purpose as this is actually coursework for an online course I have enrolled. Still wondering what this is all about? Hereunder you can read my artist statement describing the idea behind :)

During the art making process I browsed through lots of magazines where I found inspiration and the images I consequently cut out. I mainly used collage technique, I painted a bit using water paint and I drew a small bit, namely the wings of the girl.

The idea behind my artwork is that according to me mankind has reached a tipping point where we will either fall badly or will wake up and get back to nature. This is exactly what the girl falling from up symbolizes. The right side of the art plane represents the current society – all kinds of fake (represented by the woman’s face and the Botox injection) and the struggle to find happiness and meaning to life by buying a material thing (represented by the life potion in a test-tube). The left side of the picture plane symbolizes Mother Nature – the ultimate goal, at least in my opinion, which humans should go for. We need to regain consciousness, remember what are the important things in life and how simplicity and nature are all we need. The image of the girl which is falling is located in the middle, in the boundary between those two worlds. She can change it all but the question remains – will she be able to spread the wings which she has forgotten she has? The elephant in the picture symbolizes nature waiting impatiently for the outcome of that fall. We can see hope in there too – the elephant has captured the girl’s boot in anticipation to have her back on the ground and give it to her which will eventually represent the bonding between the two worlds.

I created this artwork as a clear outcome of my recent thoughts, feelings and intentions. I wish for my audience to really grasp the idea and feel in their heart what is really going on in this world, I wish for everyone to open their eyes and see what we have become – greedy and never-happy creatures. Once awake and aware, we can all work our way back to Nature’s heart and hopefully live in peace and harmony.  

So what do you think? Hit me up, please!