Monday, August 12, 2013

Mars 1

So apparently they are sending people over to Mars. Yep, the planet. The first human colony is scheduled to leave the Earth at end of 2023. This implies we have got 10 years before we find out whether we can possibly 'infect' with our presence yet another planet. They call it the plan for saving our species. I ask: 'why save us?'
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Take a look around. I don't know where you at exactly right now, but from where I see it people generally do not care about the Earth or their life for that matter. They think and fool themselves deeply that they do, but they don't. Almost nobody cares about recycling, re-using and re-inventing. It is all about the show off, the posing and pretending. Everyone tries to win God knows what by adding fancy shoes, jewelry and fast cars to their inventory. They all try to teach you how to live and make you believe that the important things in 'this' life are the ones they say are.

I will tell you a tale of a time not too long ago but seemingly way too long ago. People used to appreciate completely different values than we do in today's world. It all struck me while driving by a small village in the Northern mountain part of Bulgaria. When a certain household was considered very good, well-behaved and particularly friendly, they obtained and were given by the municipality a special plate to hang on their front door. What was written on it was 'Role Model Household' or as written in Cyrillic 'Образцов Дом'. It was an utmost appreciation one could publicly get. It shows that people cared about what other people think of them. For better or worse, we do not seem to bother any longer.
I personally - as surprising as this might be for some - don't believe in shoes and cars; I believe in people. I want to live, be with and love people. Not a Louis Vuitton bag, not a Bentley, but human beings. I am still unsure what it is exactly but sometimes I really like this kind.

I caught a very special documentary on TV last night about Titanic. A century after the tragic accident, a man has managed to prove it was not a human mistake. The captain was not drunk and the watchers were not asleep. Titanic just seems to have had a predetermined bad luck - it found itself in this particular spot of the North Atlantic where: mirages occur (hence the watchers saw a mist instead of the iceberg until it was way too late); the Gulf stream gives a way to the cold Labrador current (just a kilometer before that spot the temperature was 14 degrees higher); there were optical illusions present - the starts seemed so bright that one could not distinguish whether a light sign from Titanic was another star or not. Sounds crazy? To me it sounds too arranged; those people were simply left with no way out by mother Nature.

What I am trying to say here is that evidently Nature can and will sabotage anything it deems improper. Will humans make it to Mars? I don't think this is up to us. Let's stop being so cocky, arrogant and pretentious, let's go back to being role model households and individuals, can we? One thing is for sure - let us face it, we can't fool Nature. We DO NOT own the world. It owns US!