Monday, April 9, 2012

Stone wall fences

What do you do when yo get the urge to scream, cry, shout, jump, kick, yell, sit quiet, whisper, be sad and mad?
I guess my thing is sitting on a cold stone wall in the dark peaceful night.

I went outside and sat on the wall. Sitting there, on that couple of metres tall (probably around 7-10 metres) wall fence separating me from green abyss under, I felt like I couldn't care less. I was so comfortable there, almost feeling invincible since gravity made it feel too cozy. It did not take 2 minutes for me to not even feel the limestone under me, it almost felt as if I was flying on a magic carpet. That magic carpet had to help me clear my head, it had to, there was no choice. All these confused bad thoughts needed to go away, now, quickly before they manage to distort the nice order which has been put in place in the timeline of a long beautiful weekend.
Good, they are gone now.
I can finally go to sleep.