Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Collapse - of the financial system OR of us as humans?

More than 30 minutes passed since I finished watching that documentary titled 'Collapse' but I just can't concentrate on doing anything but thinking about it and everything I heard and saw in it.

Apparently, 'Collapse' centers around the recent financial and consequential economic collapse we all have been 'lucky' to witness. Only an year ago, while I was at the beginning of my last year of my Bachelors, all this, this ‘phenomena’ was simply exciting to study about. Every day was something new; something crazy and usually with enormous impact was happening out there. The fact that it was ‘out there’ and not ‘here where I am’ meant that we could not take those events as seriously as actual sufferers ‘out there’. This whole situation seems to have changed with the speed of a blink of an eye. The intriguing lectures which kept me going to school every day are now mass media – a terrifying one rather than exciting. The financial crisis spilled to almost every important aspect of our life leading us to a condition similar to a GREAT DEPRESSION. The horrific truth however is that this condition is not going to just go away or simply pass with time – in 2 years like people were hoping. According to the documentary – which laid amazing insights about the stories behind other great controversies like the war in IRAQ - this is a turning point for the whole world and for humanity as a whole. A phrase that I made sure I remember from the movie was: Love for money is the root to evil. And it is the love for money that has the potential to render extinct the entire human race. At first it might sound shocking and overstated. But then if you keep thinking on it for a couple of moments, you get to realize how true this statement is and it starts freaking you out!

We have reached the turning point.. okay.. so what now? NOW we – the human race – have to face Earth and reconnect with it. Yes, I mean going back to basics in order to survive. We have to, no, we MUST cut down on all that expense and waste that modern society is linked with and, as the documentary points out, we need to grow crops in our backyards. This is not funny at all – we need to do it in order to have something to eat when food supplies in all those fancy supermarkets deplete and we end up one day living a nightmare of a supermarket with all empty shelves. If we do not save ourselves from what we have become, then we cannot save the planet which will simply lead to the termination our species.

For sure I know one thing that I am definitely doing - going to my village and asking my grandparents to teach me how to grow things. I am more than sure it will prove useful in the blurry future to come.

So throw away those posh clothes, iphones and fancy accessories and get back to nature. Our survival is as stake!


  1. Sorry, seems a little alarmist to me. Why would you grow it in your backyard if the people who have been doing it all this time (farmers) can continue to? Capitalism may create excess but it also allows nations to produce based on what their specialty is. Some areas, such as Canada will always be farmed, until the end of time. Other places can't farm, so they produce something else....2 cents

  2. Man, watch the documentary and u'll know why you better go buy some seeds:) Your argument makes sense but the problem is exactly that nothing from all that makes sense will prevail. The point of the movie was something like: we will be on the edge of suvival and if you can't adapt, then your future is destined - like the dinosaurs' one... if that makes sense


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