Saturday, November 28, 2009

Okay, so here’s the thing: I’ve been living here with my boyfriend but still hasn’t been out to meet his friends and colleagues. Yes, I know it’s more than weird but there are – as they always are – plenty of reasons for this. I’ll make this piece more readable by dropping all those reasons and getting to the point.
And the point is the following: when he comes home and tells me they can’t wait to meet me and talk about all the time it leaves me quite confused. Is it supposed to make me feel flattered and interesting? But they can’t know I’m interesting so… what is it? I am exotic then. Like an exotic fruit – mango, pineapple and papaya. What does the Dictionary have to say for ‘Exotic’?
1. From another part of the world; foreign.
2. Intriguingly unusual or different; excitingly strange.
I do believe I’m both in this situation and probably always since I have problems fitting in the ordinariness of any single country.
But I still vividly remember my reaction after finally getting hold of a mango – which was about 4 years ago – and not obtaining the satisfaction I always thought I would from such an EXOTIC fruit. Hence, exotic does not necessarily mean good at the end.
Having a monkey and a parrot in your house is considered exotic too. Am I to feel like a monkey serving as a pure show off to his owner?
Yeah, I know it’s not like that and that they are gonna love me. But what if they don’t? They have to, for him; they have to like me so that he is happy, no? I know this shouldn’t feel that awkward after I’ve been through the meeting with his family and all his closest friends. So what is it then?
I guess I’m just not too sure what to wear… I’m off to raiding my closet and making it certain I’ll look stunning .. or at least exotic?… and I’ll behave, I promise Let’s see how satisfying is my exoticness.


  1. listen to No sex in the Champagne room by Chris Rock at (search for it) then go to 3:00 of the song. Good stuff.

  2. uahahahahah very true and i agree with it; the things are bit different here, were actually, coz now it's all changed and it's all good:P But what i was saying was that the choice not to meet them was mine.. i don't even know why.

  3. You wrote that stuff so long ago and still I'd like to say a view words. Your behaviour here is really simple from my point of view. The more often he is telling you that they can't wait to meet you, the higher you think the expectations towards you become. They expect you to be awesome and eventually this is his mistake. It shouldn't a big deal for him to introduce you to his friends, this should just happen casually as soon as there is an opportunity to do so. Apart from that I have to say, I liked the second definition of "EXOTIC", have to agree that it's not always good though.


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