Friday, October 23, 2009

Noone can break the Time and Space continuum

One thinks that four years is a crazy long period of time. To be even more precise, one is absolutely sure that four years will be more than enough to do everything and then still have half of the time at hand to wonder what ON EARTH to do. This, however, is an absurd illusion which we are capable of stating as such only after we have actually seen those four years pass us by like a Porsche leaving just dust behind. Why did time fly by without indicating its speed? Eventually we find out that we haven’t really done it all like we initially expected, pardon me, we were certain. What happened?

One thinks that four years is a crazy long period of time to spend on a ‘rock’ (i.e. rude for ‘rocky island’). But what if that ‘rock’ presents you with some great opportunities and experiences that can be the cornerstone of your life? What if you didn’t realize this in time but only when it was too late? What if we had a lot of fun but spent too much time having that fun with the wrong people? What if you met the wrong people because you weren’t at the right places to meet the right ones? What would the present look like if you had met those right people at the right time? What if you met the right people but never gave them much importance so never got to know them better as you now wish you could? What if you know now what to say and you didn’t know then? What if you didn’t want THAT something/someone to be close back then but now you want it badly? What if we missed so many of those things which are offered to us once-per-lifetime and we regret that every single day? Do we keep hanging in? Not much choice in here. All that is left for me now is to:

· hope I did enough during those four years

· look forward to the next four

· try to ensure I ‘did my homework’ and take every chance I get

Clearly, people tend to concentrate on how long a certain period of time is and now on what one can do with it in order to use it to his/her best advantage. Time is limited. At least us individuals’ time is surely limited. I know it’s a banal expression but please DO NOT TAKE TIME FOR GRANTED. Cherish every moment and make most of it. You would follow this advice if you don’t want to miss opportunities and desire a rich and fulfilling life. I know that’s what I want.

AND you?


  1. The only way you can tell if you took the time for granted or not is if you have any regrets about how you spent that time. If you wouldn't go back and change a thing then it was time well spent. Unfortunately, life goes on and you can't live it exactly how you want forever. You gotta roll with the punches and make sure you make the best of the time you've got.

  2. Thank you, Master Cook :))Very well said. I think that everybody has regrets about the past and wishes to have grasped particular opportunities that just he/she left to simply pass by. It's important to learn from the past and continue living with arms WIDE open :)

  3. Of course everyone has regrets on missed opportunities. Some even with regrets on opportunities that were taken! Life is a series of open and closed doors but if you're living with regrets, theres more closed ones than open ones. Learn from the past,definitely...but never forget your past either!


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