Friday, April 25, 2014

It's Springtime, awareness time

It seems that every spring brings something new with itself. At least from my perspective. But this is how it is going to be, right? Another spring, another life. To me this spring has brought in realization.
Most of you know I have been practicing yoga for some time now. I’d like to tell you about an experience I had two weeks ago (this is not to undermine yoga’s ability to deliver ‘an experience’ every single time). I was ‘locked in’ – a phrase I like to use to imply I have been studying all day; hence I needed a release break. I put my mat on the floor and started. I am not completely sure what it was, but at one point I started seeing things – like castles in the skies, fields of flowers and gold, sunshine, all glittering in front of my eyes (even though what really was there was the sink). What does this mean? Have I gotten used to being with my SELF? Have I discovered where bliss hides?

I’ve been reading a lot lately. All kinds of written words, sentences, proverbs, pieces of wisdom. I especially liked what one girl wrote on her social media profile: that we are all light, part of the big light, so there is nothing to fear or worry about. We are here to be light, so we shall shine with all we have – smile, be happy and spread joy. And light. I have also been observing a lot – there is plenty to observe and we don’t have to especially go on the hunt and look for it, it is all around us. Just pull your blinders up and you will see pictures being painted before you. Can you imagine yourself standing in a green field talking to a donkey and a horse? No? Then you must try it! I did that a week ago and it was another one of those blissful experiences - the connection with nature and its creatures felt natural and essential even. I felt good and much lighter after conversing with the donkey and caressing the horse on its head (yes, it allowed me!). I can only imagine they felt the same J  

Back to urban land, I have noticed something which is considered as kind of normal but is also kind of petrifying. People have got used to getting used. I guess I need to elaborate a little.
You could put any verb after this sentence and it will probably remain true. I will give you an example:   People have got/are used to… EXPECTING.  People have got/are used to… LOVING. People have got/are used to… TALKING. You see what I mean? Do you notice how even the ‘positive’ note of ‘LOVING’ is lost because people are now used to it, therefore there is no more flame in it. Talking, on the other hand, was once a useful tool for communication, which has leveled down to simply an act of passing the time. We no longer speak about the important stuff because if we do, we might be excluded from society and titled ‘ODD’. So we remain in society and we follow the rules of expecting. I know, I was there once not too long ago as well. We walk through life expecting the next Christmas, another season, our next birthday. It becomes even more problematic – we have become unable to just go with it without the frantic need to plan the next thing, step, meal, and meeting. You can hardly find a person just strolling alone with pleasure, not going anywhere, not hurrying for anything in particular. Why did we turn our life into some frantic hunt for the unknown variable? I don't know. What I know and can say with the certainty of someone who's had the experience herself is that such a life could be turned around - in less than a year, even in less than 3 months, should you REALLY WANT IT TO.

I believe in taking your life in your hands and building it the way you want it to be. I always did and had always tried to even though I was not always ready to. Remember – without a shift in thinking, there could be no shift in attitude. So read, learn, open your eyes to the other sides of the stories, and make that shift now. Because every day - in your newly found happy place, matters. Take a moment to live, and live NOW! This has been a marvelous realization for me, I wish it will be for you too. 


  1. Great thoughts Maya. :) "To all those who think I'm weird"... all the people are weird. I like your type of weirdness, which reminds me that we need to take a walk outside,the virtual world soon. I really miss our conversations.

  2. Very deep and inspirational. I must say I immediately related to a book I recently started reading (and haven't finished yet), perhaps you have read it, too, The Power of Now. I recommend it if you haven't read it, and if you have... then you already know that:

    The time for everything is NOW. There is no better time than NOW to do what you always wanted to do, what you have been postponing to do. In that line of thinking, the author of the book talked about the OBSERVING SELF, just like you were saying that "[you] have also been observing a lot – there is plenty to observe and we don’t have to especially go on the hunt and look for it, it is all around us."

    Observe and you will see everything that you need to see, as you said, it is all there for us!!! I have made my life utterly complicated, have forgotten to observe, to be myself, to smile and appreciate the little things. This road leads to the black hole of self-pity and self-destruction. I refuse to take it and will follow the road of inspiration, observation, and I will seize control of my life once again.

    I wish we all do the same. Have a great day!

  3. Really liked your exploration and explanation of the connections of the human beings. Understanding the connections with nature and with/between ourselves is to a great extent understanding life. Still every person has the right to choose its own path, and that is one of the greatest things we have, but THE CONNECTIONS are making us a human beings and we must be aware of that. Expectations... Expectations are our own mirror images in the society, because we do not understand the connections..... Thanks for the great read!


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