Monday, September 1, 2014

September Yoga Challenge

Hallo friends!!

I can't believe it is already the 1st of September (as often as people exclaim this)! Seriously, it is like yesterday was February and we dreamed for summer to arrive, now we count down the days till its end.
It has been quite the mixture of a hectic and relaxed summer that I've been having. Surely many were envious of all the days I spent just walking somewhere, touring around, chilling, and oh - partying of course. I did study quite a bit which seems to have tired me. This is why I have decided to create for myself a September Yoga Challenge starting today. It actually started 2 hours ago when I started my first yoga practice for this month during which I intent to practice yoga every single day. This first practice took about 50 minutes and I mainly focused on twists and stretching and breathing (as am also tiny bit sickish so I need to restore my energies). Doing yoga every single day for such an extended period as my goal has not happened to me yet and it will soon be 2 years since I first discovered yoga. Hopefully this month will not only deepen my practice and help me achieve things I did not till now, go deeper into the poses, but also help me spread the word even further and gain more popularity. I wish to encourage more sceptics to come and try this 'yoga thing' at least once. This is why I created my own page Moga Yoga with Maya - to let people follow my practice, my struggles and the way I change my life bit by bit, how it affects me, hoping that this will intrigue some and push them to do that step forward and dive into this journey. Because it feels just so great! Challenge yourselves with me? Follow me and let's explore what happens :)))

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