Monday, July 8, 2013

Honeycomb of Curiosities

My dear readers, here is another creation of art I have just finished creating. Hope you enjoy it and please find my artist statement below to actually understand what this is all about :) I am sure it can be confusing at first sight. 

For this project - assignment I had by the name Personal Collections, I drew my own representation of a honeycomb inside a beehive. I drew using color pencils and also painted with water paints on a paper from a sketch book. After that I built up the walls of the honeycomb using a paper bag which I stuck with glue on top of my painted image.
The idea behind my artwork is my connection to bees. My name - Maya - is already a link I have to bees since a child, as there is a very famous cartoon about a bee called Maya. I always liked bees. Even though I have been stung on various occasions, I still like them, probably even more so! Bees collect nectar and pollen from plants and bring it to the beehive to produce the elixir of life - the honey. In a similar manner I wish to represent my collecting process through the years, therefore I placed in the hexagons representing cells in a honeycomb some exemplars of what has been of interest to me while growing up. In the cells you can see old coins, small hotel soaps, stuffed animal toy, coffee creamer lids, postal stamps, small toys one usually gets from a chocolate egg, bubblegum wrappers, beads, various shiny jewelry items as well as plastic diamonds and glass balls.
My cabinet of curiosity does not have a lid as it is open for interaction with its audience; people can touch and explore the items inside the cells to get an even better idea of the contents I have chosen. Picking and arranging this colorful mix of items was an important activity for me as it reminded of my childhood, of what I have kept of interest and what I have forgotten. More importantly though, this mix showed me what I should remember back.

I created this artwork to express some part of my secret personality, the one which loves to collect things, things which might not mean anything to others but mean or meant a lot to me. I believe collecting these particular pieces reflected some thoughts, hopes, plans, dreams I had for the future and most probably helped me be the person I am today, one way or another.

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