Friday, March 4, 2011

Turned DoWn

I don't like it when I'm down. And noone really does. It is like they are all used to me being all happy and sunny that when I'm down it feels like a crime and the craziest thing of all is that I am the criminal.

What's my problem? I want to be given Joy, simple as that. I need it too, you know, at least to replenish my inner bag of Joy which I usually spread around the world and is bound to hit rock bottom at some point. Nothing is forever. I cannot always give and give.. and give.. and then they just take without thinking. It becomes a habit and then who's the loser? Me, the one left with a completely empty bag of Joy - Non-joy. 

Where is the missing link? What about reciprocity, where did that go? I don't know who removed it from the equation but I vote we put that back right where it belongs. Or else I cannot make it. There's no need for a complete balance but at least for an attempt of one. At the end, I'm just a small little girl brought up to this world to make it smile.. but hey, I am a living being and need sunshine too! 

Where is my sunshine?


  1. What's the matter with you? Go out to the club and find a bag of Joy for the night! (no bag-pun intended.) How could you possibly be joyless with plaid yellow and red bed-sheets complemented with green n blue covers? Colours of the rainbow! And you're right, you are a loser! :P haha

  2. ileaveclubsearlytocatchflights AHAHAHAHAHAH oh you got me laughing here :) THANK YOU :)))))))))

    for the record - that pic is from the archives - actually taken a week after i left that club to catch a flight haha, funny ha..


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